Bharat Drones

Context: Recently, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has provided indigenously-developed drones called ‘Bharat’ to the Indian Army.

About Bharat Drones

  • It is developed for carrying out accurate surveillance in high altitude areas and mountainous terrain along the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh.
  • It has been developed by a Chandigarh-based laboratory of the DRDO.
  • The Bharat series of the drones can be listed among “World’s most agile and lightest Surveillance drone”.
  • The unibody biomimetic design with advance release technology is a lethal combination for surveillance missions.
  • The drone is equipped with artificial intelligence to detect friends and foes and can take action accordingly.
  • It has been made capable of survival in extreme cold weather temperatures and is being developed further for harsher weather.
  • It provides real-time video transmission during the complete missions and with very advanced night vision capabilities, it can detect humans hidden in deep forests.
  • It has been built in a way that makes it impossible to be detected by Radar.

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