Kanjali wetland

Context: Recently, a research was conducted which shows that Kanjli wetland is threatened by 16 invasive species of plants.

More About News

  • The research was conducted by a forestry student Bageshwar Singh
  • Out of 109 species of vascular plants observed in the study area, 16 are included in the list of invasive alien species.
  • Bio invasion is a great cause of species extinction.
  • According to the Convention on Biological Diversity 1992, invasion of the alien species is the second-worst cause of loss of biodiversity in the world.
  • The invasive species in Kanji wetland are Alligator weed, Galinsoga, Common Cocklebur, Oriental false Hawksbeard, Congress grass, Goatweed, Link coffee senna, Subabool, Mesquite/ Vilayati kikar, Caesar weed, Broomweed, Common wireweed, Creeping woodsorrel, Water Hyacinth, Big sage and Aak.
It is invasion and expansion by an alien exotic species at the cost of the native ones.

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