Why in news?

Recently, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has issued a precautionary warning for people against fraudulent websites claiming to be registration portals for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (PM-KUSUM) Scheme.

About PM-KUSUM Scheme

  • It is for farmers for installation of solar pumps and grid connected solarand other renewable power plants in the country.
  • It aims to add solar and other renewable capacity of 25,750 MW by 2022with total central financial support of Rs. 34,422 Crore including service charges to the implementing agencies.
  • The scheme has three components:
    • Component-A: Installation of 10 GW of renewable energy power plants of individual plant capacity up to 2 MW on barren and fallow land.
    • Component-B: Installation of 17.5 lakh standalone solar pumps of capacity up to 7.5 HP.
    • Component-C: Solarization of 10 lakh existing grid-connected agricultural pumps of pump capacity up to 7.5 HP.
  • It will open a stable and continuous source of income to the rural land owners for a period of 25 years by utilisation of their dry/uncultivable land.

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