Farmers cultivating land for 12 years to get ownership right

Context: Recently, the Punjab government has decided to allot land to small and marginal farmers, who have been occupying and cultivating it for more than 12 years, at a reasonable pre-determined price.

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  • The Cabinet approved the Punjab (Welfare And Settlement of Small and Marginal Farmers) Allotment of State Government Land Bill, 2020, thus ensuring the protection of interests of both farmers and the government. 
  • The farmer-friendly step will go a long way in settling pending litigations in the court.
  • The previous SAD-BJP government had in 2016 enacted the Punjab Allotment of State Government Land Act 2016 (Punjab Act No. 54 of 2016), but not one parcel of land was allotted to farmers under this Act. The incumbent government has thus decided to amend the law as a one-time welfare measure for small and marginal farmers.

Source: Tribune

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