High Uranium content in Punjab’s Groundwater

Context: As per a study by Scientists there is high content of Uranium present in the Punjab’s Groundwater.

More about news

  • Experts from Punjabi University & Desh Bhagat University, Fatehgarh Sahib examined the levels of Uranium and other heavy metals in Sirhind water Canal and groundwater in the Malwa region of Punjab.
  • A great portion of Punjab groundwater has been affected by Uranium.
  • The report has categorically criticised the proposal of Punjab’ s department of water supply and sanitation of digging deep submersible tubewells ( more than 200 feet) to supply Uranium free water to Malwa belt.
  • Back in 2009, a UK based specialist had raised the concern about the Uranium content in Punjab groundwater.
  • The reasons for the prevalence of Uranium in the groundwater are not clear.
  • Due to geological factors or geogenic causes, Uranium could be found in Punjab’s groundwater.
  • Punjab’s Canal water seems to be the only plausible solution to tackle this issue for the time being.
  • The concentration limits of Uranium have been found between 30 to 366 parts per billion ( ppb).
Districts having most number of affected habitations ( Uranium pollution in groundwater):
Fazilka- 217 habitations.
Moga – 2013 habitations.
Ferozepur – 139 habitations.
Barnala – 115 habitations.
Patiala, Sangrur and Bathinda are also adversely affected by the Uranium pollution in Groundwater.

Way Forward

  • The government should bring a cohesive Groundwater conservation and management plan for the state so that its solution could be thought of in totality.
  • Scientists from CSIR and other globally acknowledged institutions should conduct more research on this and come up with some credible solutions.

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