NGT on Sutlej

Context: The state monitoring committee of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed officials to ensure that no untreated water was allowed to flow into the Sutlej and drains.

More about news

  • The NGT has fixed a deadline of March 31, 2021, to overcome the problem of polluted water in Fazilka district.
  • An NGT  monitoring committee commands the state to release only treated water into Sutlej and drains.
  • The Monitoring panel of The National Green Tribunal includes Justice Jasbir Singh (Retired) and Environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal.
  • The panel has been tasked with the job of assessing the wastewater management in 5 districts of Malwa region of Punjab.
  •  The departments were also warned that a fine of up to ₹ 5 lakh could be imposed in case of non-compliance of the orders.
  • 14 Sewage Treatment Plants were functioning in the studied districts and 11 are yet to be set up.
  • The panel also stipulated that the untreated water of Ferozepur, Moga, Faridkot and Muktsar districts flows into the drains leading to Fazilka.
  • Fazilka is carrying the burden of wastewater of other districts. (This process occurs due to natural gradient or slope of the region).
  • Lack of accountability and poor functioning of STPs has led to the pollution of the area.

Way Forward

  • More Sewage Treatment Plants should be set up.
  • Efficient and empathic bureaucracy along with active involvement of the local governments.
  • Corporate social responsibility for the development of sustainable infrastructure.

About National Green Tribunal:

  • National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 is an Act of the Parliament of India which enables the creation of a special tribunal to handle the expeditious disposal of the cases pertaining to environmental issues.
  • It draws inspiration from India’s constitutional provision of Article 48A which assures the citizens of India the right to a healthy environment. Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) is a department to control pollution in Delhi.

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