Price cutting of semen straws to bolster artificial cattle breeding program

Context: Punjab Government cuts the prices of semen straws to bolster artificial cattle breeding program.

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  • Artificial insemination is a part of Punjab’s breed improvement program.
  • The prices have been slashed up to 80%.
  • Due to inflated prices, the cattle breeding program had taken backseat last year.
  • As per the statistics, 8 to 10% drop could be seen in the artificial insemination cases both in cows and buffaloes.
  • The Punjab Livestock Development department Board sells the semen straws to the farmers.
  • The semen straw is sold for ₹150 to the Punjab farmers even though it’s cost outside the state is ₹15.
  • Also, the state quacks are making a huge amount of money by selling cheap semen straws.
  • So, this is a welcome step. An integrated livestock mission could be started where the semen, health, disease control, vaccination of bovine, fodder etc activities are managed in an integrated way.

Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (N.A.I.P)

  • The NAIP is a campaign mode genetic up-gradation program covering all breeds of bovines to enhance milk production using low-cost breeding technology for improving the genetic merit of milch animals with high-quality seed.
  • The gestation period for getting the benefits from the AI bovine is approximately 3 years.
  • Under this, every cow and buffalo under AI will be tagged and can be tracked through the Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) Database.

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