Punjab 3 districts to get hand-held devices for cotton picking

Context: The agricultural department rolled out battery-operated handheld machines for picking up the cotton in 3 districts.

More about news:

  • The machinery would be rolled out in Muktsar, Bathinda and Mansa districts.
  • The benefits of the machine are: The machine would cut labour costs and human drudgery.
  • The input costs incurred on cotton picking would also get cut.
  • The speed of cotton picking increases.
  • The quantity of trash generated during cotton harvesting also reduced from 3 to 5 per cent to only 1 percent.
  • The machine costs ₹ 7000, which can be made available to the prospective farmers through the Cooperative system.
  • Renting of machinery could also be done.
  • Businesses through corporate social responsibility can also contribute in this regard.

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