Robots to clean the manholes

Context: Muktsar adopts Robots to clean the manholes.

More about news

  • Muktsar has become the first district in the state to adopt the Robotic Technology for sanitation.
  • It would be utilised for cleaning manhole and septic tanks.
  • The water supply and sanitation department of the state has purchased the robot from a Kerala based company for ₹ 90 lakh.
  • The company would also provide 5-year maintenance and training to the local staff for 6 months.
  • Big machines cannot enter the narrow streets and lanes to clean the manholes.
  • Also, due to poisonous gases and unhygienic conditions, many persons have lost lives while cleaning the sewers.
  • The Robot has Cameras and has Robotic arm with 360° mobility. It has a small bucket to collect the waste.

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