Wetlands in Punjab witness reduction in migratory birds

Context: As per a survey conducted by the forest and wildlife department of Punjab, World Wildlife Fund and some bird watchers the numbers of migratory birds arriving in 4 of the state’s wetlands have decreased.

More about news

  • The change in climate pattern has affected the number of winged visitors in the state.
  • Due to delayed winters and other factors, the birds’ movement from Russia and other cold areas of Asia has got disturbed.
  • The birds mainly arrive from Kazakhstan, Russia and other cold areas between mid-October and December.
  • Nangal, Ranjit Sagar, Keshopur, and Harike witnessed decline.
  • Harike has witnessed a massive decline of around 25 % i.e. around 32000.
  • Ropar and Kanjli  have experienced a slight increase in the numbers of the migratory birds.

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