Uttarakhand is located in the northern India and is a place that has something to offer for every visitor visiting the place. It is a beautiful place that is also called the land of lakes and waterfalls. It is a place where one can find some of the most beautiful landscapes, mountains, etc. There are a number of beautiful and picturesque lakes in Uttarakhand.

Important Lakes of Uttarakhand

Sat Tal: Sat Tal is one of the major tourist attractions, situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The term Sat Tal, in Hindi, means ‘seven lakes’.

  • The place is so called because it is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes, namely ‘Panna or Garud Tal’, ‘Nal-Damyanti Tal‘, ‘Purna Tal’, ‘Sita Tal’, ‘Ram Tal’, ‘Laxman Tal’, and ‘Sukha Tal or Khurdariya’.
  • Sat Tal is located in lower range of Himalayas, just 23 km away from Nainital city.

Naukuchiatal: Literally meaning a lake with nine corners, Naukuchiatal is amazing lake of Uttarakhand tourism.

  • It is situated in Nainital district. Hilly landscape makes for its backdrop which comprises of trees and shrubs.
  • Apart from rowing, paddling and yachting, tourists can also enjoy bird watching and angling.

Vasuki Tal: Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful state in India and lakes in Uttarakhand makes the place more scenic and mesmerising.

  • These picturesque lakes of Uttarakhand tourism not only makes it admirable but also attracts lots of photographers and nature lovers.
  • Also known as land of lakes and waterfalls, Uttarkahand tourism also harbours many mountain lakes which makes the angelic landscape a must-visit place for the tourists.

Kashni Tal: Situated by the Madhyamaheshwar temple, this serene lake can be visited on the way to Kedarnath and Badrinath. It is a part of Garhwal Himalayas where a river Madhyamaheshwar Ganga originates.

Naini Lake: One of the appealing lakes in Uttarakhand, Naini Lake or Nainital Lake is situated in Nainital. It has a crescent shape and there are various legends related to it.

  • Naina Peak surrounds the lake and as such the coniferous forests from the lake look splendid.
  • Various species of flora and fauna are found around the lake. Annual Kingfisher Yachting Competition in June and Kumaon Festival in October and November are some of the occasions organised here.

Satopanth Tal: A mountain lake by nature, Satopnath Lake is situated amidst snow-capped peaks. It holds lots of religious significance for the local people residing here.

  • Trekkers can trek by this lake which is triangular in shape. The route to the lake is quite risky and challenging. Lotus flower is found in abundance in this lake.

Sattal: Sattal or Sat Tal means seven lakes and it is a group of seven fresh water lakes in Bhimtal. Verdant orchards are found by the landscape just above the lakes. Oak and pine trees form the lush green backdrop.

  • This lake in Uttarakhand attracts many migratory birds and adventure seekers love to camp by the pristine lake. It harbours variety of aqua species.

Shyamla Tal: This Lake in Uttarakhand is renowned for Swami Vivekananda Ashram which is located at the bank of the lake. Legends of Pandavas and Chand rulers are associated with the lake. The blue colour looks pictorial as it attracts many photographers.

Bheemtal: Bheemtal Lake situated in Bheemtal is a unique lake in Uttarakhand. An island at the middle of the lake is the largest lake of Uttarakhand. This lake is perennial and houses innumerable water species which are worth discovering in Uttarakhand tourism. It attracts many birds from the Himalayas.

Dodital: A freshwater lake, Dodital is regarded as abode of Lord Ganesha. Tourists coming here can halt at forest houses which are maintained by the Forest Department.

Sahastra Tal and Masar Tal: Trekkers who are venturing the Khatling glacier will come across these two lakes in Uttarakhand which lie on either side of the glacier.

  • June to September is the ideal time to trek this route when the lakes look divine with green meadows and colourful flowers.
  • Sahastra Tal situated at the end of Khatling Glacier can be reached after rigorous trekking through streams and woodlands. The elegant view of Himalayas from these lakes will remain for a lifetime memory.

Devaria Tal: Devaria Tal or Deoria Tal is on Ukhimath-Chopta road. Verdant green landscape with snow clad mountain as the backdrop is ideal feature of Uttarkhand tourism.

  • Tourists can reach the lake by jeep which starts from Ukhimath. A 7 km trek can also be enjoyed from Ukhimath to Devaria Tal. Jungle trek and overnight camp are some of the activities which can engage the enthusiasts. Mythological stories are related to the lake.

Hemkund: Though Hemkund Sahib is a pilgrimage destination for Sikhs, Hemkund Lake is a mountain lake which is surrounded by seven mountain peaks. Located in Chamoli district, this lake looks gorgeous during winters when it is fed by glaciers.

  • Situated in the Himalayas, the lake becomes inaccessible from October to April.

Kagbhushandi Lake: This Lake in Uttarakhand is on the way to Valley of Flowers. Situated in Vishnuprayag, the crystal clear water of the lake grants a magical stature to the lake.

  • Trekkers can seek the way from Bhundhar Village which involves a trek of 20 km. It is a difficult route and as such travellers to Kagbhushandi Lake are very less.

Vasuki Tal: Situated at a height of above 4135 m, Vasuki Tal is a gorgeous lake of Uttarakhand tourism. A mountain lake by nature, Vasuki Tal is 8 km from Kedarnath.

Chaukhamba Peak surrounds the lake. Visitors are suggested to pay a visit during the months of June to October as weather conditions become too harsh before and after that. Apart from pilgrims touring to Kedarnath, Vasuki Tal is also a photographer’s hub.

Maneri: Maneri Dam is responsible for the production of hydroelectricity. Situated in Uttarkashi, it is located on the left bank of river Bhagirathi. A magnificent lake has formed here which looks dazzling with the reflection of sunlight.

  • Though it is not that popular, yet it is slowly gathering tourist attraction. Travellers can also camp at this site.

Govind Ghat: This sublime lake leads to the famous Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers. While the former is 20 km trek from this lake in Uttarakhand, the later is around 17 km. Located in the Chamoli district, the lake has formed by the rivers Lakshman Ganga and Alaknanda.

Kedar Tal: Kedar Tal is a mountain lake which is formed from glacier. Situated in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the lake holds mythological importance. It is an important trek route where trekkers come across various Himalayan birches and rocky landscape.

Nachiketa Tal: This Lake in Uttarakhand is 3 km trek from Chaurangkhal which is 29 km from Uttarkashi. The serenity by the lake is ideal place to soothe your tired nerves. The temple located by the Nachiketa Tal also attracts many pilgrims.

  • Due to dense forest which comprises the surrounding of the lake, migratory birds are found in huge density. Yachts and paddle boats keep the tourists engaged.

Dhalipur Lake: Asan Barrage at Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh border owes a reservoir called Dhalipur Lake. More then 53 bird species resides here and around 19 species of birds migrate from Eurasia.

  • This makes Dhalipur Lake one of the favourite spots for bird lovers. Water sports resort has been developed here which gives an opportunity to enjoy water skiing, boating, rowing, kayaking and canoeing.

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