Punjab Naib Tehsildar ‘Fateh’ Test Series

Punjab Naib Tehsildar ‘Fateh’ Test Series

Civilsnotebeook is known for its quality tests and Current Affairs. After a huge success in Punjab PCS test series, PPSC Naib Tehsildar ‘Fateh’ Test Series has been launched. It is named after a Punjabi word ‘Fateh’, which means ‘to win’, and it can be analyzed by appearing on our Free Mock Tests.

We provide free mock tests, which is not so common in Punjab, because first, we believe on our capabilities of providing quality material and secondly, students should know what and where they are going to indulge in.

Why PPSC Naib Tehsildar ‘Fateh’ Test Series?

  • ‘Fateh’ Test Series includes tests in a scientific manner. After checking the quality of mock tests on Free mock test, aspirants will get again a full mock test, where he will analyze his/ her capabilities.
  • From second test onwards 4 sectional tests of Logical reasoning and Mental ability will be provided. These test will consists of 40 questions each, designed on the standard format and trend of PPSC exams.
  • students will get more than 500 questions on mental ability and logical reasoning, which will be very fruitful for this preparation.
  • 1 Test of current affairs and 1 of G.k is included to expose more current affairs to the student.
  • 8 full Mock tests will provide an opportunity to students to stick to the time frame of 2 hour and solve maximum questions with full accuracy.
  • Students will get chat support or WhatsApp support if they will find any confusion on any question.

We guaranteed you the best quality you ever see.


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