Mukhyamantri Shramik Yojana

Context: Recently, the Jharkhand Government has planned to launch a job guarantee scheme called ‘Mukhyamantri Shramik Yojana’.

About Mukhyamantri Shramik Yojana

  • Under the scheme, the urban workers will be able to demand a maximum 100 days of work.
  • The wages are likely to be at least 40 per cent higher than Rs 194 a day provided under the MGNREGA programme in the state.
  • The work under the scheme will be demand based and divided into various categories like cleanliness, water harvesting, tree plantation, public works construction or repair and managing shelter homes, among others.
  • The amount will be credited to the bank account of workers, either after work or within seven days of the completion of work.
  • The workers will be able demand work either in writing or orally for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of 100 days.
  • The draft states that if a worker has a child of five years or less, then a female worker will need to be employed, to take care of the child and paid the minimum wage.
  • It also paves way for unemployment allowance where a person who has asked for work does not get it within 15 days.
  • Jharkhand is set to become the first state to launch an employment guarantee scheme for urban poor on the lines of the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act.

Source: The Indian Express

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