Digilocker scheme in Punjab

Context: The state government has decided to implement the DigiLocker scheme to provide citizens a cloud platform for storage, issuance and verification of various important documents and certificates.

  • In the first phase, the Punjab School Education Board, Transport and Labour Departments are putting their digitally signed documents related to citizen services in DigiLocker.

About Digital governance

  • It is a framework for establishing accountability, roles, and decision-making authority for an organization’s digital presence—which means its websites, mobile sites, social channels, and any other Internet and Web-enabled products and services.
  • The Digilocker scheme seeks to reduce the distress and harassment occurring to the individuals while storing their documents.
  • The scheme would provide the citizens with a cloud platform for storage, issuance and verification of some vital documents and certificates.
  • The scheme is a massive step towards paper governance.
  • All the government departments, state Public Sector undertakings, statutory Authorities, autonomous bodies etc will be implementing this scheme.
  • Online documents verification by any Organisation could be done through this initiative, after taking the consent from the individual.

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