Statue of Baba Sohan Bhakna

Context: Punjab government decide to install a statue in the memory of Baba Sohan Bhakna, to mark the 150th birth anniversary of the legendary freedom fighter.

About Baba Sohan Bhakna:

  • He was born (in January 1870) in his maternal village, Khotre Khurd, not far from his ancestral home, Bhakna, District Amritsar.
  • Baba Sohan Singh was elected first President of ‘Indian Association of the Pacific Coast’ with Headquarters at Yugantar Ashram.
  • He was the founding president of the Ghadar Party, and a leading member of the party involved in the Ghadar Conspiracy of 1915.
  • Tried at the Lahore Conspiracy trial, Sohan Singh served sixteen years of a life sentence for his part in the conspiracy before he was released in 1930.
  • He later worked closely with the Indian labour movement, devoting considerable time to the Kisan Sabha and the Communist Party of India.
  • He spent more than 20 years in jails, including Cellular Jail in Andaman.
  • Kartar Singh Sarabha was younger to Baba Bhakna, still the latter always took former’s advice and called Sarabha his leader.

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