Why “ANANYA” is in the news?

In order to strengthen India’s fight against coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Defence has developed a disinfectant spray called “ANANYA”.

About Disinfectant Spray “ANANYA”

  • It is a disinfectant spray developed by the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune.
  • It can be utilised from a common household to healthcare institutes including common people, healthcare workers, COVID-19 warriors etc.
  • It can be used on masks, PPEs, hospital linens, as well as other likely contaminated surfaces such as medical instruments, elevator buttons, door knobs, corridors and rooms etc.
  • The nano-technology assisted formulation used in ANANYA, will not only stop the corona virus from entering human body, but it will also kill the virus when the virus comes in contact with this formulation layer on masks, PPE etc.
  • It is a water based spray and will be effective for more than 24 hours.

Source: PIB

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